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Who We Are

Upward is a team of some of the most innovative thinkers in the IT Services industry, passionately dedicated to creating a customer experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

We have built unique and powerful processes and systems that allow our clients to get more out of their technology investment.

We exist to help our clients build better businesses through the power of technology.

What We Do

Whether you are a 10 person startup pivoting from concept to execution or a 100 person company looking to leverage technology in a more sophisticated way, Upward exists to help you maximize your potential.

We have deep expertise in Windows and Mac platforms and sophisticated tools and methodology for managing our client environments you won’t find anywhere else.

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Our processes and systems have been uniquely designed to give us more insight into your business, better strategic alignment and more transparency; creating a better return on your IT investment than anywhere else.


Why work with a Managed Services provider?

Why leave your current situation?

Why Choose Upward?

What Makes Us Different?

With Upward you will find a fresh process that is designed to help you align your business strategy and goals with a technology roadmap. Through this ongoing process, Upward becomes transparent and accountable to you and your goals. Creating a better return on your technology investments than anywhere else.

Our entire client experience has been uniquely designed to give us more insight to your business, better strategic alignment and a more successful long-term partnership.

Our assessment process will show you how.

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Case Studies

Partnering with Upward connects you with one of the most forward thinking teams in our industry,
with a real passion for helping your business succeed. 


Learn how a large commercial printer improved their organizational productivity while reducing costs by hiring Upward.

Read Case Study


Learn how a freight logistics company got out of the hardware business and improved their ability to compete with the “big boys” in their industry.

Read Case Study


Upward reduced overhead, improved processes and created scalability for a large manufacturing company who lost a full-time help desk employee.

Read Case Study


Learn how custom software allowed a local Chamber to reduce an annual process by half, while reducing errors, freeing up staff to spend time on more meaningful tasks.

Read Case Study


How Middleware saved a local logistics company hundreds of man hours and reduced errors.

Read Case Study

“[We appreciate] your willingness to think out of the box and show us a new solutions that would make our business better and actually fit into our budget.”

Pam Power, Impact Sign Company

“Since 2010, Upward Technology has been an outstanding resource for our organization’s technology needs. Their staff is friendly, welcoming and quick to help with any requests. Upward truly has our organization’s best interest in mind, putting emphasis on security, budget conscious decisions and forward thinking. We appreciate all that they do!”

Nicole McDonald, Director of Finance & Operations, Children's Cancer Association

“Upward has been with PHAME for several years now as an integral partner in improving our IT systems and processes, and providing excellent support and service..”

Stephen Marc Beaudoin, Executive Director, PHAME

Meet the Team

Ethan DunhamEthan Dunham
CEO & Shareholder
Devon NeviusDevon Nevius
President & Shareholder
Elias StuckyElias Stucky
Engineering Manager
ShandeeShandee Wylie
Help Desk Manager
Dan JohnsonDan Johnson
Lead Software Engineer
Noah DunhamBen Miller
Business Development & Account Management
Scott ByersScott Byers
Senior Engineer
Daniel BolducJan Groh
Bookkeeping & Office Management
JanJon Niedermeyer
Tier I Technician; Software Developer
Heather BrownLauren Schaefer
Customer Service Representative
Heather BrownElden Porter
Tier II Technician
Heather BrownPaul Schopfer
Tier II Technician

On A Mission


Help everyone we work with to excel at fulfilling their mission.


Create prosperity all around us, with all stakeholders.


Use our collective energy and resources to create a significant positive effect on our community and environment.

Our Vision

As technology moves to the cloud, the role of the IT team is to take increasingly complex ecosystems and security concerns and balance them in a harmonious way.

Your technology systems and products should be integrated (talk to each other), leverage automation (eliminate human capital wherever possible) and drive a productive, secure user experience that enables your people to spend more time creating client value.

Gas Miles Offset/Year with Electric Driving
Average Tickets Closed Per Month
Volunteer Hours Donated Per Year

Get In Touch With Us

We are headquartered in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

We welcome foot traffic from anyone interested in stopping by and seeing how we work, or looking for assistance.

We look forward to working with you!

2636 NW 26th Ave. ste 201
Portland OR 97210

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