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Frequently Asked Questions

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We deliver a huge array of services, but we have designed our pricing to be extremely simple. Click here to learn more.
Every one of our customers has a dedicated account manager who helps to manage your technology roadmap and ensure that service exceeds your expectations. Meet our team.
Yes. Most of our clients have Mac’s in their environments, and nearly all of our team members are cross-trained to support Windows or Mac environments.
Windows 2003 is officially completely unsupported on July 24th 2015. It is strongly recommended by the entire IT community that you develop a replacement plan well ahead of this date. Click here to get a plan.
Good question. A decent analogy for why hardware, software and users seem to have consistent problems is imagining a huge symphony orchestra playing music all day and night. Sometimes you need to stop the music and start again (reboot), sometimes you need to train musicians better, sometimes instruments break. Like we said, it’s only a decent analogy.
Office 365 is a complex suite of products that delivers numerous benefits that are related, distinct and often interdependent. It is recommended that you retain an expert before beginning a project with Office 365.
Yes. The prices for certified non-profit versions of Office 365 is insanely reasonable, but there are exceptions. Contact us to find out if your organization qualifies.
There are several basic steps that every business can take to significantly improve their security and limit the risk of malicious or unanticipated threats. Click here to learn more.
There are several basic steps that every business can take to protect sensitive intellectual property, but it needs to be paired with policies and procedures. Talk to our security experts today.