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They Want Technology To Be A Competitive Advantage.

Upward Technology partners with small and midsize businesses in nearly every industry. Whether augmenting existing in-house IT resources to manage and fulfill projects or spikes in workload or working directly with upper-management and owners as their technology manager, IT department and trusted advisor.

No two businesses are the same, yet every business needs security, uptime and peace of mind. Its our attention to detail, communication and fanatical approach to customer service that makes us unique. We have extensive experience supporting businesses in nearly every vertical industry.



Putting their heads together for an awesome design

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[title_big small_text=”Unique challenges,” bottom_margin=”yes”]Unique Solutions[/title_big]

  • Manufacturing– we understand manufacturing processes, constraints and potential.


  • Professional services– with a deep understanding of productivity and security, we help service businesses create better results while reducing risk.


  • Non-profits– we have an invested passion and deep knowledge of the governance and restrictions of 501-C3 organizations.


  • Small and midsize businesses– Upward has decades of experience solving challenges of all sizes in nearly every industry.


Whether you are a small business who is tired of the “handyman” IT provider’s quick fix solution, a manufacturing company looking to increase your production capacity while reducing costs, or a small business owner who wants to surpass your competition, take the next step and see what Upward can do for your business.

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