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[row][column_7]We provide a comprehensive suite of IT services and solutions that help you get more out of every technology dollar spent. From desktops and servers to Office 365, software applications to ongoing support, one thing that makes us unique is that we design implement and manage all of the technology that makes your business shine.

Comprehensive Solutions
One of the biggest differentiators to our approach is that we can help our clients with ALL of their technology. We help our clients to consolidate relationships and simplify management.

  • This relieves the burden on in-house resources to constantly manage numerous vendor relationships.
  • Gives clients “one throat to choke”
  • Minimizes miscommunication and translation errors between vendors.

Many clients begin a relationship with us by leveraging our expertise for one particular project or initiative, like an Office 365 implementation (click here for Cloud Services) or a Windows Server 2003 replacement (click here for Technology Infrastructure). Other clients begin working with us because they are tired of getting reactive feedback from their current support provider, and desire more forward vision and proactivity, along with great support.



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Infrastructure & Support

Upward supports your infrastructure (computers, servers & networking) with some of the best engineers in the business. Contact us to discuss your specific business needs.

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Security & Backup Solutions

Protecting your intellectual property is one of our most serious responsibilities to our customers. We provide state-of-the-art solutions to prevent problems from happening, and restore service in the minimum time possible when they do. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

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Cloud Solutions & Services

We help our customers design a cloud strategy that minimizes risk and maximizes productivity. Contact us today to create a cloud strategy for your business.

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Unified Communications

The modern business communicates 24/7. Unified Communications Technology allows your people to seamlessly connect no matter where you are. Your business can act much bigger than it is, click here to contact us and learn how.

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Custom Software Applications

Your business is unique. You need custom tools and systems to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Using Sharepoint and custom .NET software you can create the perfect software, for less than you think, contact us today to learn how.

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Everything we sell has been designed to be simply priced, simple to understand and provide high return on investment for our clients. Click here to get a quote on a project or ongoing support for your office

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