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[row][column_7][title_big small_text=”Make your business more nimble” bottom_margin=”yes”]and get out of the hardware replacement cycle
Most companies are not ready to put their entire business on servers they will never see. Meanwhile, running certain services or applications on company owned hardware rarely makes financial sense.

Enter the hybrid cloud. A balanced, stair-step approach to keeping infrastructure onsite where it makes sense, while reducing the risks associated with outsourcing. Through careful evaluation of your business, we construct a plan to keep sensitive and critical data and services local, while reducing expenses and overhead by outsourcing other facets to the cloud

Upward Technology helps create a plan that minimizes risk, and appropriately leverages the cloud to poise your business for growth.[/column_7]
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[row][column_11]At Upward Technology, we leverage Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Easy Street Online to provide a full suite of options for our customers.

We collaboratively customize each solution based on the clients business plan and technology roadmap. Through this methodology, we have migrated hundreds of users to cloud based solutions and helped nearly every customer we work with to reduce costs and improve employee productivity.


Upward Technology provides its customers with migration experts, to ensure the migration is completed on-time and on-budget, and ongoing support to make sure all technology works together seamlessly.

Microsoft Azure: Move your traditional servers, active directory or SQL application to Microsoft’s state-of-the-art cloud platform.

Office 365: Leverage the gold standard in email and worker productivity solutions for a fraction of the cost of hosting onsite.

Easy Street Online: For clients who need their systems housed locally (collocated) but in a secure and state-of-the-art facility.

[title_big small_text=”Proven” bottom_margin=”yes”]Results[/title_big][row][column_11]
Our team will help design a program for you that creates maximum return on investment by delivering solutions with predictable costs that increase uptime and worker productivity.
Results of our approach:

  • More effective communication and collaboration between your team using tools like Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Reduce in-house infrastructure, maintenance costs and the endless replacement cycles.
  • Maintain control over your most sensitive intellectual property.
  • Take advantage of tools like Microsoft Exchange, via Office 365, to leverage enterprise grade features.
  • Eliminate your expensive PBX phone system, and get enterprise grade VOIP features through Microsoft Lync. (click here to learn about our Unified Communications solutions)

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