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[title_big small_text=”Outpace Your Competition” bottom_margin=”yes”]Custom Software Solutions[/title_big]
[divider_grey][title_small bottom_margin=”no” small_text=”Your”]Challenge[/title_small]
[row][column_7]You provide an exceptional customer experience and have your sights set on ambitious growth.
But you are using systems that won’t take you where you want to go.

Problems We Address:

[list_arrow][item]Entry-level tools like QuickBooks, Excel, Access or consumer grade cloud apps become inadequate at a certain operational scale.
[/item][item]Siloed information in different software systems means employees spend unnecessary time on manual processes and analysis.[/item]
[item]People are doing work that computers should do. Humans are tasked with mundane transcription and analysis processes across spreadsheets.[/item][/list_arrow]

[column_5]Cat envisioning self as Tiger

“Envision yourself as the tiger, and evolve.”
— Anonymous

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Custom Software Solutions

For the same amount of money or less, create a custom solution that leverages your unique processes to springboard your organization forward.

We develop in SharePoint, .Net, C+ and Website tools to build unique and powerful business solutions.
We have very smart people who write software, but it’s the process we use to understand and articulate your unique business challenges that makes us the best.

In every project we:

1. Thoroughly understand your business.
2. Define clear roles, responsibilities and expectations.
3. Use the best development and project management tools on the market.
4. Create clear feedback loops to make sure we deliver your solution on time and on budget.



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