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[row][column_7]Keep your employees connected and communicating more effectively, both internally and with your customers with a Unified Communications solution.

One of the most valuable uses of modern technology is to improve the communication within an organization. Businesses can now integrate multiple communication channels into one cohesive user experience. The convergence of voice, data or mobile communications enable employees to be more productive as they can easily check their email while on the road or join an interactive meeting from across the globe. As the modern workforce becomes more flexible, employees need to stay connected in order to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

Upward Technology’s unified communication solutions ensure that employees have access to the information they need, when they need it.


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[row][column_11]Upward has three unique solutions for Unified Communications designed to complement any business and budget.
3CX, Skype for Business and Ring Central

The benefits of a UC solution include:[list_arrow][item]Lower your phone service costs significantly across the board.[/item][item]Create better collaboration and communication between your staff and clients.[/item][item]Utilize the features that an Enterprise uses, to make your small or midsize business look like a big player.[/item][item]Consolidate bills and reduce the number of “throats to choke”[/item][/list_arrow]

Unified Communications is the crossroads between your traditional phone services and your communication tools like email or video conferencing. The services connect your employees more effectively so they can get more done. Our seasoned experts effectively implement Unified Communications solutions, providing clients with a unified presence no matter where they are.
Leveraging Unified Communications and your technology plans, we will connect, configure and manage a unified communications system that helps your employees to stay seamlessly connected to their team and customers.[list_arrow][item]Call forwarding to mobile, email or auto-attendant[/item][item]Enterprise class instant messaging[/item][item]Video conferencing[/item][/list_arrow]

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By leveraging a Unified Communications strategy you will simplify the channels your employees use to communicate, and provide Enterprise class communication tools to more effectively work with your employees, vendors and customers. Upward will seamlessly configure and manage your communications strategy to help your business communicate more effectively.[/column_11][/row]
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